Are you going to drive? Did you know that there are correctsunglasses?

In short, only a few sunglasses help when driving . Not all accessories provide comfort and provide the necessary safety for you to fly. To know more, check out: night driving glasses reviews

So, before you go shopping for any model of glasses, find out what are the best frames and lenses to drive and protect your eyes.

Is wearing sunglasses important when driving?

Certainly! If you drive on a daily basis, you've probably had a glare, which is that feeling of blindness, caused by highly bright lights. High beams or peak hours with sunlight peaks often cause this, for example.

However, how to protect yourself from glare? Wearing the right sunglasses . They increase visibility in traffic and protect the health of your eyes.

So, don't let your eyes be exposed to the sun for a longtime. In addition to getting tired, they can suffer some damage to the retina.

More problems?

In addition to glare, there is “night blindness”, which occurs in bad weather conditions, at dusk, at night and at dawn. The “night blindness” happens due to the low lighting that demands a lot from the eyes.

How to choose your sunglasses to drive?

There are so many glasses models, but let's take step-by-step look at what your driving sunglasses should have:

1. Lens: it is preferable that you choose brown or yellow lenses. Sunglasses in these shades provide more safety and comfort. These lenses also retain the notions of perspective and depth. These notions are fundamental for those in traffic. Green lenses are good, since they improve contrast and filter some of the blue light, common in LEDs.

2. Polarized lenses: it is one of the best options for drivers. The polarized lenses are best for your sunglasses, because they block all direct light, as the light comes from flat surfaces. Polarized lenses protect from bright lights and guarantee 100% UVA and UVB protection.

3. Size and type: the choice of sunglasses is very personal.You must choose the ideal and most comfortable frame for your face - for this,use visagism techniques. Are you going to drive? Prefer sunglasses with large lenses, they guarantee more protection.

4. Material: poly carbonate lenses are perfect. They are virtually unbreakable and protect the eyes in the event of a collision that activates the airbag.

Zeiss Drive Safe Lenses

For those looking for even more safety and proper driving lenses , we recommend Zeiss Drive Safe lenses. Drive Safe lenses - available as mono-focal or progressive lenses - are designed to minimize visual stress while driving and facilitate vision in traffic. They have reduced reflections and are perfect for those who need to constantly switch focus between the road, the GP Sand the rear and side mirrors. Unfavorable weather or lighting conditions also make it difficult to see at these times.

The Drive Safe solution has three basic elements to increase safety and comfort when driving:

Luminance Design technology, which takes into account the size of the pupil in low light conditions;

Duration coating, which reduces the feeling of glare by up to 64%;

The design of Drive Safe lenses, which incorporate an average distance zone up to 43% greater, facilitating the change of focus between the dashboard and the mirrors of the car. And a very distant vision zone up to 14%larger, for a wider view of the road.